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Price list

In general our services are rated by the hour. In addition, we offer Bring-In-Service at cost-saving Set Price Packages. You will find an overview of our offers and charges within the respective Price List below.

Update: June 2014

All prices in EURO, Private incl. 20% VAT, Business excl. VAT.

Our general terms and conditions apply.

Private | Business

1. Journey

travel time flat rate (valid within Area of Operation, incl. return journey)20,00 | 20,00

mileage flat rate (valid outside Area of Operation, per kilometer return journey)00,50 | 00,50

2. IT serviceprice per 15 Min.

2.1. During office hours

Monday-Saturday, 8:00 am - 8:00 pm18,00 | 20,00

2.2. Outside office hours (by appointment)

Monday-Saturday, 8:00 pm - 8:00 am25,00 | 30,00

Sunday & Holiday30,00 | 35,00

2.3. Surcharge

Server maintenance15,00

3. Set price packages (for Bring-In-Service at our locations & during office hours, prices incl. VAT)

3.1. Computer base check

We conduct a short review (about 30 minutes) through your computer, providing information on vulnerabilities found and provide valuable improvement approaches. Upon request, we will optimize your system immediately afterwards on the spot (follow-up order) as part of our IT services.


3.2. Computer service

You want to rid your system of unnecessary ballast to exploit the full performance capacity of your computer? We will advise you and set up your system accordingly:

Flat rate99,00

3.3. Virus and trojan removal

Some viruses are persistent and can not be removed, despite the current anti-virus program. We also help with difficult cases:

Flat rate80,00

3.4. Data Recovery

If your data is suddenly no longer available due to virus attack, accidental deletion or an error of the disk, do not hesitate to contact us. In collaboration with a renowned clean room laboratory, we can also help you in difficult cases!

The diagnostic provides detailed information about the recoverability of your data. After receiving the cost estimate you decide on a subsequent data recovery.

Disk diagnostics, incl. cost estimate96,00

Data Recovery, incl. new Disk Drive(depending on error) from 300,00

3.4. Windows installation

You wish to install a new operating system (Windows 7 / Vista / XP) without losing your data? You want to know all your equipment operational and place high value on security? We conduct the following activities for you:

Flat rate Standard-Package99,00

Flat rate Premium-Package139,00

3.5. PC interior and exterior cleansing

Regular cleaning prevents power loss, reduces the risk of fire and provides for comfortable working. We clean notebooks thoroughly from the outside, desktop computers additionally from the inside. We conduct the following activities for you:

Flat rate36,00

4. IT house moving service

You wish to move into a new apartment or a new office and bring your computer equipment along with you in a simple way? We professionally remove your computer equipment, set it up again at the destination and perform a functional test.

Flat rateupon request

5. Maintenance Agreement

Helpdesk, remote maintenance, on-site serviceupon request

6. Webdesign / search engine optimization

According to requirements profileupon request

7. Training

Topics and scope according to individual arrangementsupon request

8. Gift vouchers

Valid for services of all kinds, amount selectableupon request